EriCa Project

EriCa is a new revolutionary project in CFD and, more in general, in linear system solver. The main purpose the code aims to achieve is to make CFD as easy as possible and, what is even more interesting, make if profitable to common users with relative limited computational power available. In order to achieve this goal EriCa implements two fundamentals idea: immersed boundary (IM) and OpenMP technology. IM is a new feature introduced in CFD which may decrease the meshing time without compromise the results quality. The latter allows memory saving and the same speedup observed with the standard OpenMPI. The code is still under development, but if you are interested feel free to contact me. 

 Expected 1st demo release to come: 2D code - Inviscid/Laminar

MariSa SOLVER: this is the solver used within the CFD code. It is an open-source code which integrates (02/06/13) subroutines to manage and solve linear systems by using SOR, CG and BCSTAB. A simple JACOBY preconditioner is also available.
To download it:

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